A Call to Abundance

The Call to Abundance


Are you a person who knows there is more for you?  Are you longing and yearning to bring a greater expression of your Truth to the world (and get paid financially to do it.)?  Are you ready for the next level of expression?

Earlier this summer or late spring I taught a virtual course called:  Hungry for More…??? The participants in this course identified what the deeper meaning of hunger was and how to apply the hunger to deepen their spiritual awareness.  It was a practical process with many layers. One of the comments I received was that Hunger seems so materialistic. But it turns out, that it is not necessarily so.  Hunger is a deeper yearning and calling to express more of Spirit in and through you.  It is a calling from the depths of your hearts to receive more awareness of Spirit.

One of our Unity teachers says that desire is God calling you to accept and receive more good in your life.  The funny thing is that even if it appears to be selfish, it turns out to be the opposite.  As we align with our deeper truth, our deeper desires, we are freed from the egoic realms and enter into the Spiritual realms of the kingdom of Heaven.  We are taught to seek first the kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you.

Seek first the kingdom is seeking God, Spirit, Source, Creation itself.  When we land in the experience of Spirit, we are freed to explore, to express our greatest gifts.  That leads to more purpose, passion and personal power.

Are you interested?  Are you ready?

If so, I have a very unique opportunity for you.  I am collaborating with Colleen Schuerlein  PPP2-FacebookGraphicof Mary Morrissey’s Prosperity Program to develop a completely virtual program.  I am running the first, pre-beta testing this month.

Prosperity is a principle, abundance is a way of living. When we merge and integrate the principles with the way of being – amazing forces get unlocked and freed in your consciousness, your systems and your life.

We will be working with purpose, passion, power.  We will be identifying what true abundance looks like and feels like – way beyond money, but in life:  health, friends, desires, dreams, and the simple things.  It is a new way of living.

Are you up for a commitment challenge?  And it is a commitment – it is 10 weeks of intense spiritual study and practice.  You will be asked to stretch and to keep going.  You will be called into a greater expression of who you are here to be and to make the small, little, daily changes to bring that into manifestation.

Are you in?  Listen deeply to the impulse within you and answer that question:  Are you in?  Is this for you, right now, in your life?

Prosperity Plus – the pre-program is open to a very small number of special people, mostly those who are familiar with prosperity principles and spiritual teaching, but who want an up-leveling of prosperity and abundance in their lives.

It is a commitment program.  You will be asked to make the commitment to be at each class – from the comfort of your own home – to tithe to the ministry (Divine Awakening), offering the program, a full 10% of all the income received during the program, to be in service and to put into practice the tools and exercises presented.

If you are called to be part of this pre-beta testing event, please let me know ASAP!  It is exclusive.  It is transformational.  It is exciting!  Prosperity Plus – Harnessing Your Invisible Power.

It begins on Monday, September 14 and runs through Monday, November 30, 2015 – just in time for the holidays.  (No class on Monday, October 19).

Sign Up here – or Contact Aliza Directly to Register!

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