Love – A New Equality

Love is love and now, the outer expression of love through marriage is legal, acceptable and accessible to all couples!    Heart-Opener-Cacao

There has been so much activity on the political front this past week.  Touching on the flags that we fly, healthcare and most recently the Supreme Court decision to allow same-sex marriages.  I would imagine, since you are part of my tribe, that you are celebrating right along with me about this life-changing, historical event.

Just about the time the decision was announced, I ran into a friend of mine who was awe-struck, tears in his eyes, thrilled about this!  I am too!  Then a few minutes later I ran into another friend, and she said something most profound.  She said, “I’m broken wide open, my heart is flung open.  My entire existence has just been justified and legitimized, and I didn’t even know I needed that.”

Wow – that blew my heart wide open.  Now, just for a little context I was at an Amma event, the hugging saint and the energy in the room was palpable with Love, Peace, Grace.  The people there were wide open, gracious, heart-centered and kind.  It was sweet, profound, love, with actually no words to describe it.

Both of my friends are followers of Amma and the personal testimony of the impact of the Supreme Court decision touched my heart in a way that I didn’t expect.  It made me realize the journey they have been on, the discrimination and simple things that I take for granted, they haven’t been able to.  Some of those things are simple recognition of the Love they have for another person.  Rights and responsibilities that up till now have only been granted to heterosexual married couples, simple things like validating ones’ life-style which in turn validates ones life.

It’s been a profound week – I’ll write more on my blog in time.  My friend and colleague Rev. Jennifer Holder died at age 43; her husband Rev. Ogun Holder and their daughter get to survive her death – that one has touched me deeply.  The format of my ministry is changing. My internal landscape is shifting quickly and things that have mattered most are mattering differently and things that haven’t mattered much at all, are mattering more.

I’m taking a leap here and making an assumption that you might be experiencing similar situations and circumstances in your consciousness and life.  If you’d like a little (or a lot) of support, I’m here for you!

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