January 23, 2013

Hello friends,

It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted in this blog.  How are you?  How did you survive the Birth 2012? What’s happening in your world and your life in the first few weeks of this year?

If you are like most of us, it has been a bit bumpy.  Things that should be going quite smoothly are bumpy.  Things that are normally bumpy are – well, a bit more so.  What I am finding is that the things that I thought I knew are changing.

I know it is the shift.  I know things are being shook up for a reason.  I know it in my bones.  This past weekend, I was attending my intensive spiritual retreat and I landed in the new place.  For me, it is a place of quiet like none other, of peace and contentment in the midst of…  I came to know myself again like never before and I was freed.

Freed from myself, freed from what I think ought to be happening, from what I think others might be thinking about me.  Freed from the old.  In this experience I was made new again.  I now feel mySelf like never before.  I came away with an experience of peace, calm, contentment and truly like nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul – from my soul, not my thinking.

If you would like a taste of this experience, I am offering a FREE strategy session to anyone interested between now and January 31, to explore the possibilities for you.  We will look at what’s going on in your life with a new perspective and give you an experience of what’s possible.

Want to try it?  Want to taste it?  Call me!  Contact me – sooner than later.  There is so much being held out for us right now.  Jump on board and discover for yourself a new possibility!

CONTACT ME TODAY FOR YOUR FREE STRATEGY SESSION!     Call me at 816..284..7579 or use the Contact Us page and mention FREE Strategy Session in the subject line for more information.


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