September 11, 2012

Today is September 11, 2012.  Its been 11 years since the Twin Towers event rocked our world.  Today there are many things, events, memorials and calls to remember.

I suggest, however, a new focus.  We know that all challenges, events, traumas in our lives are ultimately a call for Love, a call to a greater awarenes, a call to expansion.  While it is easy to contract and go within in the face of a trauma, it is not the most effective.

I suggest that it is time to EMERGE!  We are being called to go within, not to contract, but to expand, to discover a deeper place in ourselves that is wanting to emerge and come forth.

We each have within us a Divine Potential, an Essential Self that is waiting for the opening, waiting for the impulse to come forth.

If you are ready to EMERGE, ready to discover the deeper, wider, wiser part of you and to bring her/him forward consider joining in the new:

Evolutionary Emergence Circle, Wednesdays, 9/12 – 10/17  at 10 am/pacific time noon/central time.  This circle will be a six week opportunity to drop deep into your Essential Self, to meet up in the heart resonant field and explore spiritual concepts designed to expand consciousness. A tele-conference. Call details will be provided upon registration.

Email Aliza to register and receive the call details:  RevAliza @ yahoo . com


For more information on Emergence, the course and Birth 2012  Click here

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