June 12, 2012


Did you know that whatever might be going on in your life – Spirit is there.  Spirit that is Creation itself.  Spirit that is greater than anything we can imagine or conceive.  Spirit that is the very impulse of life.  That impulse was so great that it created you, and me and the world we see today.

Deep within is this same impulse, calling you to listen and to respond.  Deep within you this very impulse of all of creation is pushing you, pulling you to a greater expression of who you are and who you came to this planet to be.


When you get still and quite, listen and feel for the impulse within you. It might show up first like the beat of your heart.  Start there.  Then sit quiet for a moment longer, feeling into your core and then into the core of creation.  Feel it moving your body or your cells, or the flow of blood in your veins.  Feel it in your consciousness and in your heart.  Gently pulsing, gently calling you to a greater awareness.


Don’t try to figure it out, simply be with it.  Every time you can, take a moment to drop back into your self and into the impulse.  Become familiar with it.  Begin to play with it.  It will lead you and guide you to places you might never have been before.


Over time, this very impulse will be a part of your conscious awareness.  Boy, howdy – how much fun will that be?   How can it get any greater than this?



Inspiration for Today –  Sit quietly with your eyes closed and feel for this impulse.  Feel it like the moon draws the tides in a rhythmic never ending pattern.  Let it move your body just ever so slightly.  Then take a few moments to write about your experience with the impulse of creation.



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