Happy Easter


It’s Easter today.  What does that mean to you?  Chocolate bunnies, colored eggs?  Ham and potato casserole?  Or something deeper?

Historically, Easter is an event, but it is also a myth that most of the world believes in.  Easter, also, can be, and I’m encouraging you to have this possibility, a personal, spiritual experience of transcending to a new consciousness.

In the historical Easter Story, Jesus who came and taught love, compassion and kindness, who taught that our God is an awesome God – who is closer than our hands and feet.  He taught not that he was special, but that we ALL are special!  That the things that he did and greater than these shall we do, if we believe.

So, what was it that he did?  Jesus transcended the human consciousness of separate and entered into a new dimension of knowing his and our Oneness with Spirit -with all that is.  Jesus was, so to speak, an imaginal cell – a divine idea that was beginning to become manifest, but the world wasn’t ready.  Now, in 2012, the world is ready.  Now is the time for humanity to also make the shift from the separated human experience into what is now being called the Universal Human, the Christed Self – as a whole humanity.

Yes, its still a long shot.  Yes, its still a way, huge, big idea.  And Yes, It is Time!  Right now, this year, in our lifetime!  And we are the Ones.

Today – this Easter Sunday, I’m offering an Experiential Easter experience.  Yes, the title is redundantly repetitive (thanks John Considine for point that out.)  It’s not a church service, it’s not a meditation, (although it will contain a meditative experience), its not a talk, nor a workshop, nor a class – so its an experience.

Experiential Easter Experience, Sunday, April 8, 2012, 6 pm central time.  It will be offered as a teleseminar – right from the comfort of your own home.

Call in number:   712-432-0900  PIN  947799#   Hope to “see’ you there!

much love,






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