February 27, 2012


What a glorious few days its been here in Kansas City – 60 degree weather in February?  Absolutely unheard of.  Wow – amazing – unexpected – and certainly appreciated by this warm weather devotee!

What’s happening in your world?  Anything unexpected or unheard of?  Did you name it or claim it as good or bad when it happened?  You know, don’t you that even if you didn’t create the exact thing – you certainly have the power to choose your response.

If you see it bad… well, it will be harder to deal with.  If you see it as good, or potentially good, or even that good will come from it – do you see the difference – you open to possibilities of discovering the hidden blessings.

Be Blessed today – be amazed by what life is handing you and be curious about how its all going to work out for the best.

loving you – loving life –


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