Merry Christmas 2011!

Merry Christmas!

I recently heard a story of a parent attending their children’s dress rehearsal for the Christmas Pageant.  The pageant was also attended by the other children of the elementary school.   At one point several children came forward, each holding a large letter in their hands.  As the song went along a child would hold up the appropriate letter – ultimately spelling Christmas Love.  Everything was going along quite well until the M.  This little girl inadvertently had her letter upside down, showing a W.  There were snickers and laughter, but she stood there proud and unwavering.  Two letters later, everyone saw it at the same time…  The children had spelled out:   Christ Was Love.

I would even change that to Christ Is Love.  What if the Christ presence and potential is Love and only Love.  Love is the reason for the season.  Love is the way of the world.  Love is the very essence and presence of God.

Be Love today.  Love today.  Give and receive Love today.

Here is a 5 minute meditation as my Christ-Was Love gift to you.  MOMChristmas11

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