October 10, 2011

If we enjoyed the thrill of falling in life as much as we do on a roller coaster,                                     we would all be in a good mood right now.

I saw this statement as a facebook post this morning from Dr. Lisa Love.

It had me thinking….  I don’t personally like the fall of a roller coaster.  In fact, I haven’t been on one since my son (now 23) was old enough to go by himself.  However, that aside, imagine that you do enjoy roller coasters.  What is the best part?  For most people it is the fall, or the anticipation of the fall.  Think about it.  Stand in a line, often a long line, and patiently wait your turn to climb into a car.  It starts of slow, sort of chugging along, up and up and up.  For what?  The view at the top?  NO!  For a fast, wild, plunge, down, down, down, for what?  Either another climb up or a wild turn of some sort.  We love it, generally speaking.  And we trust the process.

So, if that is true, why do we so resist the climbs and the plunges and the wild turns in our lives?  Is it, perhaps because we feel so out of control?   What if we could begin to trust the process of life in the same way we trust the process of the roller coaster.  What if the car we ride in (our physical bodies) was as secure on the planet as the car on the coaster is on the tracks?  What if that which oversees our life, (Spirit, the Universe, Divine Wisdom, our Higher Self) paid as much attention to our safety and enjoyment as the amusement park manager?  And if you think about it….  wouldn’t that have to be the case?

For today and beyond, imagine the twists and turns and ups and downs of your experience to simply be the roller coaster of life.  Trust in the process, trust that the downs will bring the ups and that really its all about our ultimate enjoyment anyway.


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