September 1, 2011

Hello September (how did you get here so fast…???…),

I am in Joshua Tree, CA – just an hour north of Palm Springs, in the Mojave Desert – one of the most beautiful spots to my soul right now.  I was sitting outside this morning and the following came through.  I thought I’d share it with you.

The sky is so blue here, the air hot and dry – a dry wind, or rather breeze, blows.  The feeling is quiet although there are sounds:  birds chirping, small animals rustling, a bee buzzing, and occasional car driving by.  Off in the distance the sound of a mower motor, although there is no grass.  You can hear the breeze blow across the desert, rustling leaves, gently moving energy.

I am sitting on the patio of my dear friend, Hilary’s, basking in the space, the moment, the desert, the energy.  And wow, the energy – its subtle yet profound, quiet and still yet expansive and moving.  the rocks speak volumes, the hills hold ancient wisdom – the desert sand itself is the steady yet always changing foundation.  There must be a vortex here, over and above or under and below all that we bring.

My soul is at peace, deeply contented yet almost tingly is anticipation of what is to come.  I surrender all of it – the peace, the anticipation, any expectations that might sneak in.  I come to this place to be worked over by Spirit.  I can feel it beginning.

The group that will gather today and tomorrow are here by Divine appointment – each of us deeply committed to serving creation – to opening and expanding our consciousness in ways beyond our thinking.  Each of us deeply committed to doing the work that shows up for us individually and collectively.

It is for this moment that I am here.  Fully alive, fully present, deeply humbled and deeply grateful.  My heart is full and overflowing, my mind is quiet.  I am so blessed.   Thank you Spirit.

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