August 11, 2011


I am just back in from a wonderful afternoon at the outdoor pool.  It is finally cool enough here in Kansas City to actually be outdoors.  What a crazy summer its been.

As I was enjoying the kids, I thought about the idea of fun in the sun and how important it is in our daily lives to actually take the time out of whatever it is we keep so busy with and simply enjoy the moment, to have some fun!

What is it that is fun for you?  I mean, really fun.  What is it that brings you great enjoyment and a deep sense of contentment?  When you discover that, you will also discover fulfillment.

Fulfillment – this is a word that is on my mind recently – mostly because it snuck up on me one day and I was taken by the experience.  Fulfillment…  hmmm…  what I have discovered about it, is that it is like grace – you don’t really ask for it, but it just shows up.  Fulfillment is not about acquiring more things, it is not about being in the perfect relationship or the perfect job.  It is much more about letting go of things, or at least the attachment to things.  Fulfillment comes in those moments that are free of fear, free of anger, free.  In those moments that there is nothing on your mind or your task list.

Why don’t you try it out with me?  Sit back and relax – it will only take a few moments – and take a few deep breaths in and out.  As you focus on your breath, notice that your body relaxes, your mind quiets and your heart begins to open.  Bring the idea of fulfillment into your heart space and contemplate it there.  Roll the word around on your tongue, stretch it out and compress it.  Try it on for size.  It is so comfortable that it might be uncomfortable after awhile.

Let me know what you experience and what you think about this idea of fulfillment.

much love, Aliza

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