July 7, 2011

Hello World!

I am excited to be moving once again – physically and figuratively.  This is my new and updated website – still learning the program, so please bear with me as I go.

Divine Awakening is happening.  Don’t you feel it?  There is something on the planet that is changing people at depth.  Some of us feel it in our energy fields.  Some in our physical worlds.  Some in just a general feeling of “wow…what’s happening…?…”

I’m in the Phoenix area right now physically and last night we had a storm here.  It was amazing, the sky turned all kinds of strange colors.  The airport closed down for awhile.  There was wind – and I mean wind.  It felt like it could blow my place down and out.  And the DUST.  I mean the dust.  When I got up this morning everything was covered with it.  A deep, dark, dirty, dust was everywhere!  I went for my morning walk and felt like I was breathing dust and dirt.

I’m thinking this is happening in consciousness too.  There is so much happening on so many levels and as we continue through our “clean out stages” it often feels like the old dust and dirt that had settled is being brought up, making a bigger mess than before.  But it truly is the good news!  It has to come up to be released and cleaned.  Have you ever cleaned out an attic?  Or a basement?  Or a garage?  Then you know.

If you’ve felt some shifting this week – post about it, or let us know…


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