July 26, 2011

Hello Friend,

Have you ever experienced life as going along just great and then WHAM, out of seemingly no where, something hits you.  It could be a health challenge, a relationship challenge, a work challenge or anything at all…  or nothing at all.  What do you do when that happens?  Some of us call an experience like that:  When Life Happens.

I just completed a two part talk series on just that topic… When Life Happens, at Unity of Chandler, AZ.  I’ll try to get the talks up on the website soon. (Anyone know how to do that?  The files are larger than it looks like wordpress will allow.  If so, please contact me!)

When Life Happens, do you retreat and hide?  Do you put on your boxing gloves and prepare to fight it out?  Those are typical reactions, known as either flight/flight or freeze.  But what would a more conscious approach be?  Well, let’s consider it.  A consciously aware approach may be to stop and take stock.  What is really going on?  Are you in reaction to the event itself or are you in automatic response to something much deeper in you?  A place of wounding that is wanting to come up to be released, surrendered and healed?  More than likely, there is an underlying something that is being pushed into.  As we progress on our spiritual path, it becomes time to undo those old patterns of reactions, feelings, emotions and actions.

How?  Breathe into them.  Identify what is being pushed into.  Is it a sense of unworthiness, or lack, or fear, or anger?  What is it, the deeper place.  As you identify it, become willing to surrender it, to release the current experience and all the deeper places as well.  Breathe physically into the places in your body that are carrying it.  Ask Spirit to help you surrender it.  You do have to be willing, however, to also give up the story around both the current and the old wounding.

If you are indeed willing, if you persist in the process of going deep into the feeling, deeper into what’s behind or below it and willing to surrender, it will lift.  I promise you.  And what you will discover is a deeper place of opening, a deeper place of love and support and acceptance.

If you are desiring to process through something and would like some assistance in facilitating the surrender, please contact me.  I offer Spiritual Healing Sessions in person and over the phone that will guide you into your own deeper and higher wisdom and healing.

As for me…  I’m in a process too.  I have just recently moved from Phoenix to Kansas City.  Its amazing to me what is coming up for healing and the healing process that is taking place.  I am planning on spending the next couple of months, being a bit quieter, traveling a bit less and loving on my two delicious grandchildren who are in the area.

Our spiritual journey is just that, a journey.  One we sometimes travel alone and one we sometimes need a guide on.  I bless you on your spiritual journey to full awakening.  It is not only possible, but it is our responsibility at this time on the planet!  Don’t you feel it?  All the changes?  It is time to awaken.  It is time to grow up spiritually.  It is time.  The time in now.

God bless!


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